(DJ)Nobody // Puzzles


This is a limited edition reissue of the first beat tape I ever released myself, way back in 1996, which was limited to 100 copies. I tracked the beats from my Roland DJ-70 straight to DAT at DJ Hive's Treetop studios in San Pedro. I then made a CD of the DAT and ran the copies myself. This edition is straight from the master CD. The Untitled tracks are from a beat tape I gave to RAW aka 6Blocc way back in the summer of 1995. All done on a sequencer without quantizing. Both Ellay Khule songs are from 1996 and are my first vocal collaborations. Sioux's Reign Pt. 2 is from 1997 and comes from the DAT for the original follow up to Puzzles, which eventually became Soulmates.

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