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Milo // A Toothpaste Suburb



Milo is a brown man rapping. He is 22 years old. He released his debut mixtape, "I wish my brother Rob was here" on November 1st, 2011. On February 19th, 2012 he released "Milo takes Baths", a mixtape featuring Milo rapping over Baths' instrumentals. Milo also wrote this blurb about Milo, apart from the bits he didn't. In 2012, he signed to Hellfyre Club Records. In January 2013, he released two EPs titled Things That Happen at Day and Things That Happen at Night. Later that year he released the mixtape Cavalcade. Milo released his first official album, A Toothpaste Suburb, on September 23rd, 2014.

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