Health // Disco2


Disco2 reworks the tracks from HEALTH’s Get Color in the same way Disco reworked their self-titled debut of 2007.Get Color seemed to borrow from the remixes of Disco, and the band’s second album felt smoother and prettier than their somewhat noisy debut. Here, artists like Tobacco, Crystal Castles and Blondes give a chillax polish to the songs from Get Color — similar to what some of these same artists did to HEALTH — which makes us wonder if the L.A. band is headed for a downtempo retirement home at an early age. The tunes here are glossy, pulsating with grooviness — kissed with the spirit of chillwave — and make for perfect late-night listening. It’s hard to recognize the original “Severin” after it’s filtered through the radiant neon of Small Black, and even harder to find the original “Before Tigers” in the cool instrumental treatment given by Gold Panda. A new tune, “USA Boys,” might hint at HEALTH’s future, an inarguably tamer one; it’s a great song, in the vein of, say, Baths, but we do hope HEALTH doesn’t lose their bite as they mature. That bite is half the fun.

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