Lapalux // Nostalchic


Taken from iTunes

Following much in the vein of his early EPs, Lapalux's debut album, Nostalchic, stays true to a certain "post-dubstep" zeitgeist—yet his measured use of space, acoustic samples, and jazz influences make for something that transcends mixtape culture. Perhaps most striking about Lapalux's sound is that every track seems to marry several different movements, often taking left turns into chord structure, atmosphere, tempo, or some combination thereof. But it should be said that this dynamism always feels inspired rather than frenetic; there are dazzling moments where these unexpected choices are like microscopic paradigm shifts in the sea of beat music. Fans of contemporaries like James Blake and Flying Lotus will find a welcome entry point with tracks like "Without You" and "Guuurl," and those familiar with 2012's When You're Gone EP will settle right in for the ride.

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